14 comments on “Simple AES (Symmetric Key) Encryption in WinRT

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    • As far as I understood from the msdn documentation on this topic, if you are dealing with simple password or some sort of key encryption, you wouldn’t need ECCN. But it all seems in the gray area when it comes to encryption.


  3. It’s extremely irresponsible of you to suggest people use ECB mode. It leaks information. People are going to use this example and will get burned by the fact that this is not safe, for anything.

    A proper mode of operation should be used with a corresponding properly generated nonce and/or IV.


    • I agree ECB is the simplest of all where each block is encrypted separately but did you even read the post completely? I am specifically referring to the second paragraph… I am not suggesting this should be used for data encryption on sensitive info, just for simple use-cases. When you see a password encrypted over the wire with ECB, which pattern are you going to use to crack it or which type of info is going to be leaked… could you enlighten us?


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