8 comments on “Drawing / Inking API in WinRT (C#) – III

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  2. Hey Can
    i m working on an app similar to this sample
    i m using canvas
    i draw chaps on canvas

    but the problem is i want to save that canvas as xaml and reload that
    i mean i want to do serialisation/deserialisation on canvas object

    do u know how can i achieve that in winrt ?


    • Hey nawaz, your only out is to use the direct draw with a c++ runtime component. Then you would get the geometries and create them again with the DirectDraw and push them to a file. I think there are WinRT samples for the direct draw for 2d already on MSDN. But it would be a nice sequel article for these posts, I will try to work on it.


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  4. Hi,

    I want to capture user digital signature in Windows Phone 8.1 blank app using user touch. Could you please suggest me how could i do that.

    I went though InkPresenter but is is not present in Windows Phone 8.1 Blank app is is present in silverlight app.



    • hey there, as I was saying, I have been working on a universal app solution, I will try to finish it up soon… I think it would solve your issues. I was using writablebitmapex for saving the strokes, and for approximation for creating the Bezier segments, some simple implementation of De Casteljau. I just have been too busy lately 🙂 It is coming soon though


      • Hi Can,

        Nice solution! I was wondering if there has been any development on the Win Phone 8.1 app. I’m having a hard time finding anything that can help me do signatures on Win phone 8.1 RT.

        Thank you very much,


  5. Hi Can Bilgin,

    I am trying to do the same thing ,, I am trying to create a Digital Signature in windows phone 8.1 and I am using a universal app …Could you please help ?!! i have been searching for a long time but i got nothing >.< ,,
    all what i got is related to silverlight or windows 8 …
    can you provide some useful link ? our show the correct way to do it ?!?!



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