8 comments on “FTP Endeavor II – Upload and Download Files

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  2. Hello Can,

    Thank you so much for the samples, appreciate it a lot.

    I’m having a problem, though. When I upload a file, the server seems like keeps waiting for more data to come after the file has been uploaded. After this, the server doesn’t accept more commands and the file can’t be accessed until I close the app.

    It’s important to note that after closing the app I can access the file and it has been perfectly uploaded.

    My understanding is that when the data stream is disposed the server should assume the operation is completed, but it doesn’t look like it. Note that other commands can be issued without problem, like listing or creating a directory.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you so much again!


    • your situation seems to be similar to what Eduard is receiving below. I am going to be uploading a universal app sample in the coming days, I will try to replicate the error.


  3. Thank you very much for this examples!
    Unfortunately I get a “System.ObjectDisposedException” on uploading a mp4 from WP 8.1 IsoStorage.
    Finally I have a 0 Byte file on the server. Do you have an idea for the reason?


    • hey, no problems… I really have no idea what is going on… which type of ftp server were you using for this scenario? I will uploading a universal app sample in the coming days… will try to replicate the issue during testing…


      • I used my web hoster ftp. But also the xampp ftp. I think the problem is the method you are using to read and write the file. This is a very hard topic for me so can’t give you more information. And you should use a larger file for testing. > 5MB.


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