6 comments on “Universal Apps & Devices API – I

  1. Great job! I and some of my friends are currently working with Arduino Leonardo and HC-05 (what a coincidence!). I think this article will be very useful for us.
    Do you know how to get data from accelerometer using these devices?
    Would really appreciate if you answered 🙂


    • hey that’s great mate… it’s cool to hear from IoT enthusiasts… For the accelerometer, it all depends on the module you are using… I am not sure which component you will have… (I assume you are talking about a module that will go on the microcontroller board rather than the phone accelerometer).


      • yes, I am using the ones that are attached to Arduino. I think I should use sockets to do, but I’m not sure.Could you tell if I can. I guess that is the same thing as in your code , cause I’m just passing the data via bluetooth.


      • and also I was wondering where to get devicehostname from?
        Really looking forward to hearing from you


      • Device name should appear in the list once you pair your Bluetooth gadget with the phone or the laptop. The pairing anyways happen before the Bluetooth communication can happen between arduino and the app. It probably is HC-06 as you suggested.


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